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  1. I’ve been to 5 sites claiming to tell me what to do, and this is the only explanation that simply has the URL that I need to plug in. THANK YOU for clear information.

  2. Sam

    I’m only interested how the mentioned site guess the twitter ID.

  3. Klamm

    Do you know how to find the rss feed for a search? (like http://twitter.com/#!/search/%40glenwoodfin )

    It doesn’t appear in the rss feed logo anymore.

  4. Jayemen

    FYI: Looks like http://www.idfromuser.com isn’t working anymore.

  5. I’m so glad you posted this. I spent a while trying to figure out why my twitter account worked just fine, but my client’s did not. Turns out this was exactly the problem, that my client’s feed was brand new thus it would only work with the newer feed style.

    Thanks a ton!

  6. Thanks! Very helpful article. Love the dog pic!

  7. shaul

    Thanks! so easy to do. other websites give you lousy and long ways of fulfiling this task.
    Thanks again.

  8. Andres

    Nice info.
    Ok, but if I’m not interested un my tweets. If i just want to read my follows timeline, is there a tool or something that i could use to transform my twitter follows stream into RSS?

    In other words, instead of using twitter.com I want to use an rss reader to read my twitter. How I do that?


  9. macnet

    Excellent tip! Thank you very much!

  10. So has the ability to pull the twitter feed of a user in rss format been disabled? I keep getting “page not found” when i try to open http://twitter.com/statuses/user_timeline/hqdn.rss

  11. Glen, thanks for posting this. I used this convention last night in the #wordpress RSS widget, and it worked beautifully. Much to my dismay, this morning it errored out consistently, although it worked perfectly in Safari. I’m guessing WordPress and Twitter had a tiff last night and slept in separate beds. However, can’t tolerate such caprice, so I defaulted to the legacy solution that’s worked consistently in all of my blogs for years. This isn’t as elegant because it depends on json, etc., but in case anyone else feels like I do ;^) – here’s the code: (cut & paste in a [wordpress text] widget, substituting your handle for 3 instances of [username])::

    Follow username on Twitter

  12. Christopher, thank you for your expansion of the subject, however, I didn’t understand what didn’t work for you. The Twitter rss feeds I shared for my Twitter feed are working. Feel free to elaborate in an additional comment.

    The link you provided goes to a “suspended” account. If you send me a new link, I will edit your comment to display the new link.

  13. Ty for this quick explanation…have been hearing a lot about RSS feed lately and never paid attention what it actually is, then when I found up you can use it for promoting your website through twitter and pinging, I needed to know where to get that twitter RSS feed. So thx again for the info.

  14. Zeljko, for years I kept hearing about rss and feeds, but I didn’t understand them. Finally, about a year ago, I read everything I could find on rss feeds.

    RSS feeds primarily do three things: they notify the search engines that there is new content to index, allow people to subscribe to your content, and finally, one can tap an rss feed to post new content on autopilot on a different site.

    From there, one can do many exotic things with rss feeds that involve mashups (combining several rss feeds) and make your xml feeds sing.

    By listing your rss feeds in rss directories, you can gain more traffic when associated with your primary keywords in an anchor text link.

  15. I know this post is a few months old now, but a friend of my just passed it along to me because I was telling her that I’ve been trying to find out how in the world you could find Twitter RSS feeds these days. Thanks for the info.

  16. THANK YOU! Wish I found this first – definitely helpful

  17. Richard

    Thanks for the post :) I wanted to work on a script to display my timeline but i didn’t know where to find it (the timeline that is)

    • Twitter officially says they no longer support feeds, but thank goodness we can still find them. There are such great ways to syndicate your Twitter feed.

      • Richard

        By “no longer support” does that mean that soon the timeline url won’t be available anymore?

        • Hi Richard, the official Twitter site used to have information about the Twitter rss feeds, but they have removed it. However, it still exists and can be used for syndication. My guess is they don’t plan to delete the feed, they’re just not telling anyone about it anymore. Hopefully, it will be a permanent feed.

        • I have no knowlege of Twitter deleting their rss feed timelines. They sure would destoy a million feed widgets if they did. They stopped supporting Twitter feeds about a year ago and yet the savvy can still find them, so I’m guessing they are in no hurry to eliminate them. If they ever do, I’m sure they will come up with a propriety way of displaying them on your site.

  18. I don’t suppose there’s a way to find an RSS link that ignores/omits retweets?

  19. Richard

    @Ginger if you are familiar with php you could probably use that to filter feeds; i’m working on something similar which lead me to this websites.

  20. @glenwoodfin The feed via Twitter profile name isn’t recognized by Google Reader, but the Twitter profile number found by idfromuser.com is. This is a change since I’ve been following Twitter streams in Google Reader for some years. Thanks for your directions.

  21. Thanks for this – need it :)

  22. Thank you Glen, we were definitely looking hard for it and couldn’t find it. Normally it would be on the profile.

    • Yes, their help pages say that Twitter has discontinued support for their Twitter feeds. I’m just glad we can still find them!

      You are correct in saying that Twitter used to publicly display the rss feed on your profile page, but they discontinued that last year.

      Great to see that barn behind you in your Gravatar picture. I’ll bet you’re a hard working woman.

  23. Wonderful!! Thank You. Thank You!

    You provided what many other sites simply failed to do. You provided actual information and instructions while other sites just babbled crap.



  24. thanks u sir for helping me to get “how to find your twitter rss feed url”

  25. Brenda

    How do you use the twitter feed but only have favourite twitter tweets

  26. billmbot

    Your the MAN
    This worked for me on 08/16/12. http://idfromuser.org/

  27. Alex

    I’m trying to use my rss feed on mine website thru wix.com but its not working.

    • Hi Alex, I sent you a direct email asking if you could send me a link to your Wix web site, so I can try to detect and look at your RSS feed.

      However, if your web site url is: http://www.idancecouture.com/, then I wasn’t able to detect an RSS feed on your site.

      If Wix offers you the option of adding a blog page, then that will surely create an RSS feed.

      If not, then you could create a 3rd party feed through a free service like Feedburner (owned by Google). It doesn’t create an RSS feed, it creates an Atom feed which functions in the same way. You can add your site as is to feedburner without having to add a blog. All an RSS or Atom feed does is notify the search engines to scan your website for any new content so it will be indexed faster in the search engines and anyone that subscribes to your feed will be instantly notified of any new content you publish. The only other major benefit is you could add your feed to RSS directories which has the potential of creating more viewers if you feed is found while someone is searching that directory.

      There are other 3rd party feed creators as well in addition to Feedburner.

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