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  1. PaulJenkins33

    Congrats Glen. I’ve tried my luck with affiliate marketing as well, and it’s a reaaally really hard nut to crack, that one. There’s so much competition and there’s tons of websites that became famous overnight and are pretty hard to overthrow in search engines. My site had very little traffic in the first few months, but after I did some SEO for it, I had my first sale. In time it grew into a medium sized website that deals only with extreme sports equipment and I was fairly searched by buyers online. I remember having to use the services of an online reputation company because I had some bad reviews up in searches that clouded all the positive stuff people said about me, and I didn’t think that was fair. Sure, they have the right to say what they wanted about my company but the readers also needed to know that I have positive reviews as well. That really helped a lot and right now I’m learning some SEO techniques as well to rank even higher and grow my website even bigger.

    Anyway, I wish you luck on your online journey :)

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