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Heartwarming Mini Film that Will Make You Smile, Laugh & Cry | Hugh Newman “Validation”

Wow, I was just clicking around on the net and found this serendipity by independent filmmaker, Hugh Newman called “Validation”!

This is a mini film that will make you smile when you don’t want to, laugh when you don’t think you can and a few other surprises all wrapped up in this little gem of a movie.

It’s about 15 minutes, but worth it. Hugh Newman has resisted monetizing this inspirational video even as his video approaches 10,000,000 viral video views.

If you liked Hugh Newman’s video above, then you might enjoy “Rent-a-Person” his second indie video for YouTube.

(nejlepší romantické komedie)

Here’s a video that will remind you of what you have and help you forget about what you don’t have.

Getting old? Feeling like life is passing you by?

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  1. Glen Woodfin Glen Woodfin

    I like it so much, I think I’ve watched it over 10 times. Thanks for commenting.

    Glen : )

  2. As an Elementary School Tutor, I am often given the children who are having difficulty with reading…usually the ones others have given up on. I am able to help 95% of them with two simple things, one of which is so in line with the movie above:

    1. Usually they have learned to enunciate some of the phonic sounds incorrectly which makes it difficult for them to blend the sounds to form words. This is easy to correct.

    2. Secondly, they often have accepted the idea they can’t learn to read like other kids. This is a self esteem issue. So in every tutoring session I have at least two times when we form a circle and the kids validate each other (build self-esteem). Example: A piece of paper is taped to each persons back, than each student writes on every other student’s paper something they like about them…it must be true, and must be positive. The kids love this, and are hungry for it. That is also easy to do.

    I also put more emphasis on their successes than I do their mistakes in every way possible. It is amazing how these simple things work again and again at any age level.

  3. Andy Andy

    The power of deposits in the emotional bank account is so incredibly powerfu1. Thanks so much for sharing this video. This has really inspired me to poor out compliments, and give, give, give.

    • I heard once that the secret of living is giving. Thanks Andy.

    • Tony thanks for your friendship and constant encouragement!

  4. Alissa haber Alissa haber

    Wonderful film!!! You truly have talent and you have shown your heart !! My entire family felt the LOVE!!!

    • Alissa, I have watched it at least 10 times. My eyes always well up. God bless you for your supportive comment.

  5. Neil Neil


    Thank you for sharing these two videos. I watched them both as well as Rent-a-person and they were all very inspiring. I posted the Beautiful Day one on my wall in facebook. Thank you for being a light in my life.

    God Bless,

  6. Hi there could I use some of the information from this site if I reference you with a link back to your site?

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