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Get Indexed by Google Fast Auto Pinger


If you’ve ever heard of blog and ping then you might have uncovered one of the secrets why blogs are loved by Google. If a blog is well established, then if you make a post, the rssΒ and atom feeds go to work notifying the search engines that there is fresh content on this new post. Sometimes the new content will be indexed by Google in a matter of minutes. The Google bot will visit your new post and scan your content, then make a cache page for the index; therefore making your new post appear in the search engines. Otherwise, your new post is like a tree falling in the forest with no one around to hear the sound.

The RSS (really simple syndication) ping system is built-in to the WordPress blog system by default. It notifies Ping-o-Matic which in turn notifies up to over 20 ping services.

The Atom feed has to be turned on in the WordPress Dashboard before it will start working. You can sign in to your Dashboard (WordPress admin or back office), then look in the left margin for the heading: ‘Setting’, then click on it to open several other options under it. You must click on the ‘Writing’ link. Scroll down near the bottom of that page untill you see the ‘Enable the Atom Publishing Protocol’ option. Put a check mark in the box next to it and then make sure you click the save button to finalize your choice.

Here is the Auto Pinger Script (Get both the word, javascript and () including the code in between).


You can also get the automatic pinging script here: as a txt file.

If you click on the title to any of my blog posts, you’ll go to what is called the ‘Permalink’ page. On those post pages, I have enabled over 15 different feeds. I’m a feed freak with the philosophy that the more feeds, the better.

I’ve enabled at least 5 feeds on static pages like the home page and the bio page.

I never met a feed I didn’t like. The more feeds, the merrier.

By the way, I’m promoting a friend’s site on how to get back pain relief. The press release shown in the video is found here: lower back pain relief.

The actual YouTube video at the top of this post is found here: Auto Pinger script.


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  1. Hi Glen, these are really great tips. But do you have a script if i want to check all the ping services? is it possible?

    • I don’t have the script you want, but it can be done. Just contract with a coder through a freelance site like Rent A Coder. A script is code which memics the actions of a human being, so if a human can do it, most often a script can do it.

    • I just found this ping service that you can customize and add all the feeds you wish at: The person that told me about it says they have a Firefox plugin that you can use to automate the process that would work like the pinging script I have shared in my post.

      However, one coder says Pingler is not reliable: Personally, I haven’t tested the Firefox Pingler plugin because it’s not necessary to ping 80+ services to get Google to come by and crawl one’s content. The Ping-o-matic service pings about 8 services is well trusted and also it’s the default service built in to WordPress. I know for a fact it’s trusted by Google and works. Just don’t re-ping the same page in a 10 or 15 minute period, it won’t permit it. You’ll get a page saying: “Hold on there Cowboy, you just pinged this page”. Abuse can lead to them blocking your use.

      You can, however, immediately go on to another page and ping it without any problem. Sometimes I’ve used the service over 100 times in an hour and there’s no problem as long as you’re pinging a different url every time.

  2. So this will get your site indexed by google quickly but will not really have much effect on Google PR or search engine ranking?

    • Brad, I think both Atom and RSS feeds used to pack more link juice. In 2010, Google stopped visable page rank on on the actual feeds, thus making me think they’ve made a conscious effort to mitigate their power for seo purposes. However, I think two sites being equal, the one with feed would rank higher, especially if you submit that feed to rss directories with anchor text. You will absolutely get more traffic by doing so. I think is a great site to submit your feeds to. You can even create a 3rd party rss feed on for static sites that don’t have feeds, then submit it to their feed directory in one fell swoop. You can check your stats and see that you get traffic from your feed and the directory. More traffic usually adds a bit more ranking in Google.

  3. Pingomatic was really great script.. thanks for sharing this script, dude!

  4. Hades Hades

    Very cool, works for me!

  5. I’m wondering why my blog posts aren’t indexing immediately, hope this will help out!

    • Submit your blog to rss directories and ping them. Google rss directories to get a list. You can get a free auto pinger for the Firefox browser here: It takes less than a minute to create and you can use it forever. It pings about 12 of the major ping engines using Ping-o-Matic (currently it pings these sites:,, Syndic8, NewsGator, My Yahoo!,, BlogStreet, Weblogalot, News Is Free,Topic Exchange, Google Blog Search and Spinn3r). Building social bookmarking links, links in Tweets and links in your Facebook status can add additional assurance.

      This should help you get indexed faster.

      If it is a local business, adding the site in Google Places can get it indexed in about 15 minutes.

  6. Useful way to get the pages indexed faster.

  7. This method really works. Thanks a lot for sharing this great code with us.

  8. You’re welcome Maria, I use this script routinely. It’s been a great tool for me as well.

  9. Wow, that’s too easy rather than manually entering your HTML links to and do the ping! Thanks for this one πŸ™‚

    • Yes, it’s so easy to use if you make the bookmarklet and put it on your Firefox browser. I’ve been using it for a couple of years and it’s never failed to deliver.

        • Ash…very cool. Great tip! I’ll stop by and check it out.

          I usually don’t promote my Feedburner Atom feed ( as much as I do my default RSS feeds that WordPress automatically creates for us. I believe Google has purposely tried to devalue links in their Feedburner feeds for SEO link juice. I still create them in addition to my regular feeds, but I don’t promote them as much. As you can see on my site, when you click on feed buttons, you get my WordPress branded feeds. I do, however, use Feedburner’s widget to create a form for people to receive my feed updates by email. That’s a powerful free service.

          Often, I create additional 3rd party feeds using services like:

          Then, I ping them and build backlinks to them as well.

          I’m of the opinion, the more feeds, the merrier.

  10. Really nice post dude, can u post more article on “improving website ranking in google” thanxxxxx

    • Yes, I’ve got more planned. I’ve been so busy working on my client’s sites that I rarely have time for my own.

  11. Hi Glen,
    This is really useful way to ping any site..but does this work for blogger too?
    Thanks a lot!

    • It will work with any page on the web. Take note that this is a Firefox extension, so you first have to install the Firefox browser, then create the custom bookmark for the Firefox browser. Then, while you are surfing using your Firefox browser, you can ping any page. Don’t ping the same page twice in a 10 or 15 minute period because Ping-o-matic considers it over pinging. So, I’d recommend you only ping a site no more than 2 or 3 times a day. Though once should be enough to get Google to come to the page and crawl it for possible indexing in their search database. You can ping Blogger pages or even YouTube videos. In fact, you can ping any page you’re on while surfing with your Firefox browser.

      If you don’t want to install the Firefox browser and the script I offer, then you can use any browser in the world and go directly to the Ping-o-matic site to ping a page:; however, it takes more time and you have to manually fill out a little more info. The script I offer is much faster as you don’t have to fill out anything, you just click on the custom bookmark that you create with the script I share with you.

  12. I use a similar script for FireFox by Pingler that puts a button on the tool bar that jiggles when you ping it, but I like this one better because it takes you to the Ping O Matic site to show that the ping actually went through.

    I think Pingler pings about 80 services, so I don’t which is better.

    • Hey Charles, great tip. So, Pingler pings these 82 sites? Sounds good. Like you, I don’t know which is better either. Pinging simply notifies the search engines to stop by and index new content. There is a debate if there is such a thing as ping overkill. I know Ping-0-matic will block you from pinging the same site over and over in a 10 minute period, but I think either service should get acceptable new content indexed.

      One thing that Pingler does that I like is they offer a place to put a title and category which could have SEO benefits. Also, you can customize your ping list. I found their premium ping service to be very pricey, however, the free Pingler service looks very attractive.

      I also use a program that automatically submits your urls to RSS directories leaving a permanent link on their site which should give you a little SEO boost and traffic.

      One thing I love about the ping script I have put in my post is that it will ping any type of page whether it’s written word, videos or photos, etc. Some ping services force you into filling out a form that won’t ping urls that don’t have a feed.

      If someone knows any additional benefits of pinging, please leave a comment.

      The Pingler sites:

  13. Hi Glen

    I just came across this and wanted to know if this sort of thing works for an ordinary non-blog style website? I was looking for ways of increasing my own links without having necessarily to have to go and chase them down.

    Nor did I know that RSS meant Really Simple Something Syndication !! You learn something new every day. I do live in Holland, but I am no spring chicken, sorry. But this old dog can learn new tricks πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Gemma xx

    BTW just as an aside, you said something to Viola in July last year … and she hasn’t said anything since either from what I can see.

    • Hi Gemma, this pinging script will ping any type of web page. It doesn’t have to be a blog. Most blogs already include an auto pinging .php script in the software code, so if you publish content on your own blog, it should automatically ping your new content without using this ping script. The script should help your static site’s content get indexed faster.

      For link building, I’d recommend trying an automated link building service like: They even have a free trial. You can improve a page’s ranking in Google with this tool alone.

      You might also consider adding They have a free service for 25 backlinks a day, but I’d go for the Premium package since you get a lot more daily links and features. In fact, when you go through checkout, they’ll offer you their Elite package, which is what I use, as they allow you to build 450 links a day forever for a one time charge. That’s 164,250 permanent links a year complete with rss feeds that you can ping to make sure your links get indexed.

      I use both of these services daily and love them.

      You can add a 3rd party rss link on your static site if you wish to have an rss feed on a non blog site. One that comes to mind is:, but there are many others. I’m of the opinion, the more feeds, the merrier.

      As far as Viola, I think she just wanted to get a free back link from my site. She didn’t add to the conversation. I think I’ll remove her comment. One should never leave comments that don’t add value like: “Nice post.” Most moderators consider them to be spam.

      I just clicked on Viola’s comment, and it went to a guy’s site named Diego, so, because of the deception. I deleted it. It’s clear he was just trying to get a back link and was not interest in expanding the discussion. In fact, he has over 6,000 back links to his PR3 site. Now he has one less.

      • Hey Glen,

        thanks for the info. I have seen Social Monkee before, but I had nothing to go on: there is so much out there, it is difficult to know whether it is any good! I shall certainly give them both a go.

        You mention a .php script – where do I find that? I am being a little obtuse here, but .php is not one the things I have attempted … and probably won’t, save to copy and paste a bit (as I do with the Statcounter javascripts). BTW what is your fave counter – that is if you have one?

        Up until now pretty well everything I have done has been using freeware of one kind or another. That is going to change now, but it will have to be paid for out of my “earnings” (such as they aren’t!). I am all for free backlinks, but come on, be fair and make it worth the moderator’s time πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

        Okay, I have signed up for Pingler (it was in your comment above). Is there anything I should put on my webpages?

        PS the links that showed up in the email I got as a result of your posting your comment do not show up on my browser on your comment (they are just blank, sorry!). The 2RSS one does show up though.

        PPS What is the name of your dog? We used to have a labrador/whippet cross called Sasha; interesting cross – labrador tummy and whippet brains. Not the brightest dog, but wonderful as a family pet.

        • Hi again, this is just a short comment to say that this really is a great site. I could have put it in the other comment, but it would not have shown up so well then. You really do seem to know all the ins-and-outs. Thanks!! Gem xx

          (I got your “page not found again … sorry … )

          • The .php script (oops, I mean javascript) I mention is in the blog post you and I are commenting on. It’s free and only takes a minute to install. I show you how to do it in the video above.

            • So a javascript is a .php? Honestly, I have no idea, please tell.

              • I was wrong, the bookmarklet pinger I shared uses Javascript. They are different languages. PHP is server side and Javascript is client side.

                • Thanks Glen! I did wonder – to be honest if you put them side by side in front of me I would tell you that the Javascript was php and the php Javascript πŸ˜‰

                  • Sorry about my mistake. I try hard to be accurate, but every time I proofread a post, I find more mistakes.

                    I’ve been staying up all night for 5 years and sometimes I get in a rush and so delirious mistakes. Thanks for catching my latest one.

        • In order to use the Social Monkee automated bookmarking site, you don’t have to add anything to the site you’re bookmarking. It’s all done off site. It simply builds back links from the bookmarking sites to your url. Once Social Monkee creates those bookmarks, you can ping those pages to increase the likelyhood they’ll be indexed by Google. It’s not required, but I do it.

          The Social Monkee Premium and Elite levels create RSS feeds which can be pinged as well. They also allow you to integrate a third party service called The Best Spinner, so you can take one piece of content, then every link it creates will rewrite your content to say the same thing for each bookmark except in different words. This creates the illusion to the Google Bot that each one has unique content. If you’ve never seen this service, it’s mind blowing how it uses something called spin syntax to rewrite your words. Here’s a link to the service: It’s not required, but I think it adds more power to your links. I would at least watch the video to see what the service does. It’s fascinating. The Best Spinner is often referred to among Internet marketers as the best spinning service on the market.

          You also asked about using Pingler. I really don’t use the service often. I just use Ping-o-matic. I’ve read a review where Pingler is unreliable. I’ve never tested it because Ping-o-matic works like a charm.

          • Another silly question: does pinging create a backlink, or does it just make the Googlebots aware that you are there and need dealing with?

            I must admit to not understanding what you mean by “bookmarking” in this context. I will have a wander around your site in case it is mentioned elsewhere.

            Thanks for the tip about the spinner. It is the sort of thing that will need serious re-hashing, but could still give ideas and inspirations. That by the way, is what I enjoy about copywriting.

            • Gemma, I think this is the best question you’ve ever asked! I have asked the same question in my journey to understand the power of pinging and feed syndication.

              Pinging was created to notify the search engines that there is new content on your site to index. It used to take a month or two for a new site to even be indexed by Google, so if you’re are not even indexed, then you could ask the question, “if a tree falls in the woods with no one around, did it make a sound”? With Google, the answer is ‘no’.

              In it’s purest sense, pinging doesn’t build links or help you rank, but if you’re not indexed then your site is like the movie “The Sixth Sense”, you are dead and you are experiencing encounters with live people all around you, but they can’t see you so there is no interaction. You are invisbile to them even when they are desparately searching for you.

              So, use pinging to get indexed…use pinging to get traffic sooner because if you’re not in the index, you are dead to searches.

              Okay, you’re indexed after you pinged your site. Now what?

              People searching for things can see you. If they like what you’ve got, they can ‘like you’ on Facebook, or they can Tweet about your helpful content or they can recommend you through Stumble Upon or Tumblr leading to more traffic and possibly having those who appreciate your content will share it with others. If you get more traffic and recommendations through social media, you will have a higher rankings in Google because traffic is part of Google’s algorithm. You are now experiencing the power of the social network which amplifies your message beyond your own sphere of influence. If your content is good enough, it could go viral. You throw a rock in the pond and now the ripples are covering the whole pond.

              All the above is good, but rss feeds have even more power. There are autobloggers that set up scripts with keyword phrases that scrape the Internet looking for new content and grab it and post it on their sites without asking you. Boom, you’ve got more links and probably a bit more traffic.

              If you publish a press release running on RSS feeds, then professional journalists with a circle of influence could subscribe to the feed of the press release company and could find your content on autopilot by using a filter for your primary keywords. Boom more traffic and higher rankings.

              You can also submit your RSS feeds to feed directories that people scan daily looking for feeds with content on their favorite subjects and next thing you know they come to your site and then promote it to their followers.

              All the biggest social sites run on feeds and 90% of the public has no idea. Twitter runs on feeds, here’s mine: Facebook runs on feeds and I’d share mine but Facebook has done a deal with the devil to turn over anything you put on their site to the NSA in complete opposition the the U.S. Constition and the Bill of Rights, so I’m not going to share it, but it runs on feeds. YouTube runs on feeds yet few know it…here’s mine: Actually, that’s just one of many automatically generated feeds that YouTube produces.

              Many companies are trying to hide feeds, so you’ve got to be sharp to even find your feeds on social media sites. Twitter says they no longer support feeds and don’t explain how to find them, yet they still exist.

              When you submit your feeds with anchor text all over the web in places like feed directories, you should get more traffic and higher rankings. It’s just one more way to let the world know you’re here, so throw a rock into the lake and enjoy the ripple effect.

              I will leave you with a quote from the book of Ecclessiates (my favorite book in the Bible) in chapter 11, verse 1, said to be written by Solomon, the wisest man in the world:

              “Cast your bread upon the waters,

              for after many days you will find it again.

              Give portions to seven, yes to eight,

              for you do not know what disaster may come upon the land.

              If clouds are full of water,

              they pour rain upon the earth.

              Whether a tree falls to the south or to the north,

              in the place where it falls, there will it lie.

              Whoever watches the wind will not plant;

              whoever looks at the clouds will not reap.

              As you do not know the path of the wind,

              or how the body is formed in a mother’s womb,

              so you cannot understand the work of God,

              the Maker of all things.

              Sow your seed in the morning,

              and at evening let not your hands be idle,

              for you do not know which will succeed,

              whether this or that,

              or whether both will do equally well.”

              I encourage you to plant, cultivate, water, fertilize, weed and in good time you will enjoy a harvest that is:

              “…pressed down, shaken together and is running over and poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.”

              Throw the pebble in to the lake. You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

              Feeds are like having a syndicated radio show with a big microphone.

  14. Hi Glen

    sorry – I kept getting a 404, but my comment got posted correctly – although the “Something” should have been struck through using s and /s πŸ˜‰

    My approach to Google is that it visits every two weeks or so – I just do a lot of work on the website that is next in line to be updated. It sometimes works.

    They show up in my counter log, and I plan for them. Well, I should anyway!

    • I’m not sure why your comments were giving you a 404 page. Your comments were automatically posted which is intersting, since I have the setting on for all comments to be moderated before they post.

      Pinging a static page after you modify it should get your changes indexed faster.

      • Well, Glen, the posts are going through like clockwork sans moderator. Sorry. My angel must be working for me πŸ˜‰ If you don’t like the post, just delete it, I won’t mind.

        I need to get my head around all this, but you say that you can ping from Firefox when my page is loaded – which seems great. This is what I really like about this internet business, there is so much to learn and a lot of really nice people out there.

        I just made a ping-o-matic bookmark – and pinged this page. Nothing happened. The computer just looked at me and said something to the effect of “I didn’t do anything – did you?”. Or does it just do it without giving you any feedback?

        So: if it did work you got yourself two pings, because I just did it again!

        • When I use the bookmarklet pinger, it takes me to a new page and shows which services Ping-o-matic successfully pinged. My guess is you weren’t able to copy and paste the complete Javascript code. You have to get everything. There is a text file link that I’ve put in the post that may help you grab the complete code. The code in the post can be a bit difficult to capture, because some of it is not displayed well. When you get to the text file, hit Control and the A keys on your keyboard at the same time to highlight all the code, then hit Control and V to paste it. On Macs, you hit Command A to copy the code.

          • Good morning from Holland!

            I have just done as you said – but on my iMac not my cruddy old Linux laptop (which is still my favourite because I know its funny quirks and it isn’t as heavy!!).

            I set up the bookmark in Firefox and pinged – so you have been officially pinged because this time it showed your new page that did tell me that I had pinged these sites:

   Ping sent.
   Ping sent.
            Syndic8 Ping sent.
            NewsGator Ping sent.
            My Yahoo! Ping sent.
   Ping sent.
            Weblogalot Ping sent.
            News Is Free Ping sent.
            Topic Exchange Ping sent.
            Google Blog Search Ping sent.
            Spinn3r Ping sent.

            πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ I am feeling very proud of myself.

            PS If there are any typos, I am using a German keyboard and Dutch settings on the computer (but Firefox has installed itself in American!).

            • Gemma, you did it!

              I’ve longed to use Linux for years in hopes of better stability, but I have yet to switch. Kudos!

          • Social Monkee

            In fact, when you go through checkout, they’ll offer you their Elite package, which is what I use, as they allow you to build 450 links a day forever for a one time charge. That’s 164,250 permanent links a year complete with rss feeds that you can ping to make sure your links get indexed.

            I have another question because this is a service that I will be using, and I will ask you since I don’t always find what I need in a help service. Do you need a new account for a different website with Social Monkee?

            I am off now to enjoy these lovely new toys, thankyou! Gem

            PS I think my comments showed on my other computer but didn’t tell me that they were awaiting moderation.

            • I tried a new setting to require all comments to be moderated by an administrator. I have yet to see if the new setting corrects the challenge.

              Social Monkee says they allow only one account per IP address, so for the free account, they only allow you to submit a url one time. The next time, you must use a different url. I’d recommend you use all the pages on your site to get the maximum link juice.

              The Elite account lets you resubmit the same url like 15 days later.

              I tried earlier to insert my affiliate link to the Social Monkee Elite service, but you have to be signed in to Social Monkee to use it or else you just get their login page. Here it is:

              • Colin Klinkert, the owner of Social Monkee, has been very responsive to my support requests.

                I’ve also had conversations with him through social media. I like him a lot. The site was his idea, but he uses his own coders to maintain Social Monkee.

                They are going through an upgrade process today to make things run faster so you might get a bit of a delay in your bookmarking submissions until they are in full swing again.

                One thing I really like about Social Monkee is that their premium services are a one time fee. Most services insist on a monthly fee forever.

                • That is the sort of entrepreneurial spirit that I like.

                  has been very responsive to my support requests.

                  I guess he just likes the feedback and the satisfaction that he is helping others to help themselves. That alone is worth paying for.

                  • Actually, when I had a challenge with Social Monkee, I contacted the owner through social media directly. I think I contacted the company through the support system and they responded normally. I wasn’t wowed, but what impressed me is when Colin Klinkert reached back to me and I could tell he was a real person that cared. He appreciated my input.

                    Also, the service delivers way more for your money than one should ever expect. They give you a lifetime membership to build backlinks for $50 or at the Elite level about $100. That’s nothing compared to the value they provide, so I’m extra patient with them because I put myself in their place.

                    • Hi Glen,
                      what impressed me was the fact that they told me about their downtime and why they needed it. I replied to their email and told them to do a good job and put it back online when it was all tickety-boo.

                      What really stinks is when a company updates your system when you most want to use it – but without warnings of any kind. It is likely that you have registered with an email address, and if you use their software a lot then you will keep that email address current. If the company chooses not to use it, that is quite another thing.

                      I regard services like Social Monkee as not only good value for money, but the sort of place where the money I do spend is appreciated. I shall be signing up later, after a little pinging.

                    • Colin Klinkert is in his 20s and has created Social Monkee with his team. They have succeeded so well that they frequently outgrow their capacity. I haven’t had a cup of coffee face to face with Colin, but I can tell by his personal responses that he will give you value beyond the price of what he offers. I would go out of my way to meet Colin. He has proved to me that he ‘gets it’ and he cares.

                      I believe Social Monkee pays for itself in value. I use it every day.

  15. where to paste the script u provided , i didnt understand how to use that script

    • You have to be using the Firefox browser. Right click in the top section of the browser and put a checkmark by the ‘Bookmarks Toolbar’. This will show a new bookmark tab section on your brower. Copy the code I provide, then right click in the area on the Firebox browser where the bookmarks are. This will open up a new menu after right clicking, choose ‘New Bookmark’. This will open up a small window with a form in it. In the top space type in what you wish to call this bookmarker, something like Pingomatic or Pinger…anything that tells you what the button your are creating is for. Then, in the new field on the form, it asks ‘Location’, paste the code I provided in there and click the ‘Add’ button at the bottom of the form. None of the other blanks need to be filled out. Now you’ve finished creating your tool. Watch the video for additional help.

      Now, you can go to any webpage and then click this new button you’ve created on your Firefox browser bookmark area and it will ping about 8 services, thus helping you get that page indexed quicker and the search engines usually come to investigate if new content is published. Hope you enjoy the tool. I use it freqently.

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