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Google Penalizes and Deindexes Paid Blog Networks for SEO Link Building

No BS Allowed
Google Poops on SEO Industry & Violates Your Privacy

Google is now attacking a link building strategy that incorporates using paid blog networks where one writes one article then submits it to a service that posts that article with the embedded back links to hundreds or even thousands of sites in their proprietary blog network. Google admits most of their new penalties are using manual research and algorithm overrides in order to deindex or penalize sites using the service. Of course, they are deindexing the sites that sell such services.

Google is sending out warnings that go something like this:



Dear site owner or webmaster of,

We’ve detected that some of your site’s pages may be using techniques that are outside Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.

Specifically, look for possibly artificial or unnatural links pointing to your site that could be intended to manipulate PageRank. Examples of unnatural linking could include buying links to pass PageRank or participating in link schemes.

We encourage you to make changes to your site so that it meets our quality guidelines. Once you’ve made these changes, please submit your site for reconsideration in Google’s search results.

If you find unnatural links to your site that you are unable to control or remove, please provide the details in your reconsideration request.

If you have any questions about how to resolve this issue, please see our Webmaster Help Forum for support.


Google Search Quality Team


I think Google has a hard row to hoe in front of them with this Big Brother with a big stick assault on webmasters. It’s clear what they are doing is signing up for these services, then finding out where those sites are in the network, then with their trojan horse technique, they are deindexing those sites from a manually generated list. They are hoping that they only have to do this to a few sites, then others will stop the practice out of fear it will happen to them, thus creating an example of them and getting others to take down their sites. So the snowball effect will kill the practice and the industry.

The biggest flaw in this monopolistic Google attack is that all you have to do to destroy your competition is to submit an article to one of these blog networks containing back links to your competitor’s site and viola your competitor is penalized or deindexed without doing anything against Google’s policies. Therefore, I think there is going to be a backlash for Google’s reckless deindexing of people’s sites.

Google penalizes you for doing exactly what they do; in fact they are hurting you for emulating their business model. Google survives on their paid back links network called Google AdWords, so Google is hypocritical trying to hurt the little guy while doing the exact same thing they are accusing others for. Google is notorious for surrounding organic search with their paid links network. They even try to make the paid AdWords links appear like part of the regular organic search by putting those paid links at the top of the page in line with the natural search below it. This wouldn’t be so bad if they weren’t a monopoly, but I get 95% of my search traffic from Google. This makes me want to fan the flame to any alternative sources of traffic like other search engines and social media.

Even though Google makes subtle changes in their paid search links above the natural search, many of my clients are fooled by them thinking those ads are part of the natural search. Even though I have gotten their site to position one on page one, the client still points out that Google’s paid links network is outranking their number one spot.

Google has been caught buying paid links to artificially boost their own websites in a Google search. Then, to add salt in the wound, they said they would penalize the rogue group at Google for doing so, but the self-imposed penalty only lasted for a brief 60 days.

Other invasions of privacy are standard practice for Google even though they are in violation of the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights, they don’t care, for them they use those sacred documents for toilet paper. In fact they’ve submitted a patent to secretly listen to all your cell phone calls to learn your likes and dislikes to target you for ads for even more profits. This is clearly a violation of many laws, but what does Google care, privacy is a joke at Google. Their closeness to American Intelligence agencies are alarming as well. God only knows how much information they sell to the government. This revolving door relationship may be the reason Google is able to skate the law.

Big G can throw billions of dollars into their legal department to insure their violations can proliferate without restraint. Even Congress and the governments of other countries were appalled when it was revealed that Google was going around the world collecting personal data from your wi-fi signal at your house. When caught, they said it was an accident…sure. So far, the courts have only fined them $25,000 for this but not for stealing you data, but for their delays in responding to the courts inquiries.

For a long time Google ran ads across the bottom of copyrighted music videos and movies to make a profit off of other people’s’ talent without paying them a dime in royalties on their YouTube site.

Google lost a lawsuit in France for hurting a business for artificially boosting sites that called their company a scam in the Google search results. As an online reputation manager, I’ve been very concerned with Google manipulating their search results and hurting innocent companies in the fray.

Google tracks your searches even when you leave Google sites and they save that history which can be used against you in court. Some people refer to this as the Google Supercookie. In fact, the previous CEO of Google, Eric Schmidt, admits it in a CNBC interview and says you should never search for anything that might cause a red flag. Of course the excuse to invade your privacy is coupled with the trite phrase, ‘what difference does it make if you have nothing to hide’, but who is Google to decide when they violate everything they condemn their users for?

Here is the previous CEO of Google, Eric Schmidt, warning people that they save everything you do and are willing to share that information with the government because of the Patriot Act:



I think in the end, Google will back off hurting sites that they allege use paid blog networks for link building because it’s too easy to destroy your competition beyond their control by using blog networks to build links to your competitor’s sites. After this rash practice develops enough backlash, they will only penalize or deindex the sites selling those services.

On a good note, Google has revealed that they have a weakness in their algorithm that can’t automatically detect and filter links in a blog network without sending an employee in to manually pick apart these networks. Secondly, they revealed that they consider these links powerful enough in SEO optimization to go after them in this unprecedented way, so links integrated into ample content are likely very powerful to boost the ranking of a site that one links to. It may serve you well to create your own private blog network since they’ve made it obvious that those links are valuable for SEO.

After posting this article on my blog, I noticed a lot of people are finding it by performing a search that asks, ‘does it hurt your site if you link to a deindexed site.’ In the past, you could never be penalized by links you can’t control like off site links pointing to your site, but it’s always been part of the algorithm to be filtered for linking to sites like link farms from your site to theirs, so yes, I think you could potentially be penalized for linking to sites that Google says is against their terms of service. The reason Google has created this possible penalty is that you are in complete control of what you link to from your site, but not sites that link to you. This is yet another example of how they’ve violated their own policy. I do not know how far they will push this new attack as it goes against everything they’ve ever promoted about search and SEO. They are now throwing out the baby with the bath water and discrediting their company. Google constantly violates policies they imprison their users with because they have taken the stance of a malevolent dictator. They justify their hypocrisy knowing they have a monopoly on search and that is serves people well when they can return results that help them find what you are looking for efficiently. It’s clear they believe in the Machiavellian principle that the end justifies the means.


Google Monopoly

Google has become an illegal monopoly in market share and now with the obvious telltale of all, they are taking their domination in the marketplace and using their power to destroy competitor’s businesses. The only paid links they want you to buy are theirs and now they are deliberately destroying people’s livelihood that own blog networks by deindexing them and killing their search traffic for doing the same thing they do. They do it under the guise of advertising, but either way, they control the traffic and give it to whoever they want and on the flip side, they take it away to boost their own profits. Just ask the owners of, SEO Link Monster, SEO Nitro because Google destroyed their business by deindexing their sites. Their businesses were destroyed overnight. Google even demands that they confess their sins to Google in a letter exactly like the Catholic church does in confession before you can be forgiven by the Google God. Google is a jealous God that will spend billions to kill other competitors. Can you say Congressional hearings? Can you say multibillion dollar class action lawsuit?

Google has exposed themselves to even more legal action by creating a system where you can obey the Google Bible Commandments to the letter, then have a competitor build links from one of Google’s forbidden sites and get them deindexed. So the innocent are screwed and Google’s stand is that it’s just necessary collateral damage for the greater good.

All the above is my opinion and I’ve never been a fan of paid blog networks for SEO. I have been aggressive in explaining the negatives of Google because they never stop trying to lord their monopoly over us all for control and profit. Google has become the central nerve system for a Big Brother Orwellian nightmare.


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  1. This is one hundred percent true. This is also very well-explained and very clearly presented. Thank you so much for posting this. Good job.

  2. Thank you for your support. We are up against the most powerful corporation in the world.

  3. It makes me wounder if Google is receiving subsidies from the U.S. government, or from the Federal Reserve. Large global companies that play ball with the establishment to help create a global central government all have the same M.O.

    • I agree with you. Facebook turns over infomation to the government. Julian Assange explains the connections with government intelligence agencies and social media in this video:

      After one sees the CEO of Google, Eric Schmidt, in the video I shared in my post saying that they store everything they can on you and it can be shared with the government due to the Patriot Act, it’s no longer a conspiracy theory, it is fact.

  4. Gemma Gemma

    Hi Glen

    As to Google: well, they are only doing what any corporation in their shoes would do. If you think that they are two-faced, take a peek at what your banks are up to! On another tack altogether is that they have some disgruntled customers – and in this I am not alone. What is more, their approach is a little orthodox now. Twenty years ago, their systems were unique and unbeatable. Today they are not. Even with the support of governments, an eager upstart could upset their barrel with something really different.

    Everyone thought they had to fight Goliath with his sword. Whilst every man present could use a sling, it took one little boy to have the genius to realize its potential. I need not tell you the rest.

    BTW, you use WordPress, are they so different from Google? To post on a wordpress blog you must sign in, which makes things easy for those wishing to observe transactions. They brought in this ruling without any warning, and gave no answers to questions save the fleetest of whimsy. The whole thing smacked of a government whose idea of democracy is how long it takes another regime to accept defeat.

    • The Rothschilds International banking system is a criminal cartel, so you’re not going to find any arguement here.

      Back to Google … I think Google viotlates our US Constitution and Bill of Rights with their invasion of privacy. I wanted my opinion on the record.

      • Thanks, Glen. I think we need to make some distinctions here. Everyone is up against the Rothschilds for having all that money – but wait. Are they happy? I can be happy living on a modest income, they cannot. They need ever increasing amounts of money to maintain their happiness, and the end result is that one party has all the money. That they have made six billion people less happy for that reason is of no consequence to them, for they are not happy.

        As to Google – add WordPress, Email clients of every description, Disqus and online newspapers with their own comment threads. Google just happen to be the biggest. It is how Americans do democracy it seems. I don’t approve, and I want my opinion on the record! Google just happens to be the biggest. They are not alone in this.

        In the UK, three members of parliament are in prison for fraud having claimed expenses they should not. Their crimes were so egregious that even the judges could not let them off the hook. There were three MPs (out of 650) who had not done anything significant.

        The Dutch newspaper Telegraaf did a copy-cat sting of the sort that the Telegraph had done to uncover this tsunami of deceit in Brtain. The Dutch MPs (of whom there are 150) were terrible in comparison. There was no journalistic story there: one had bought a suit, another some vaccinations – and a third a pair of sunglasses on expenses. All illegal, but the crimes of the worst Dutch MPs were the equivalent of the least of the British.

        There are people who respect their jobs. I will remind you that the anti-piracy laws (whatever it is called) is already banned by the Bundestag and Dutch Tweede Kamer. I do not know how many protests there were in the US, but in Germany there were seventy, and 80,000 people turned out. In Britain (which is closer to the US, politically) there were eight protests … and 1000 protestors. If you want democracy, you have to stand up for it. Or like the British, lose it.

        Just for the record.

          • Glen: one question.

            Why focus on Google when all internet orientated companies in the US are required to do this? Is it something to do with the first ammendment where all companies are required to show that free speech is alive and well 😉

            • My focus on Google is that 90+ percent of all my Internet traffic comes from their search engine.

              Free speech in America is dying. You can now be fined and imprisoned for free speech.

              America is on life support.

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    What host are you the use of? Can I am get your associate hyperlink on your host?

    I wish my site loaded up as quickly as yours, lol.

    • I’m using A lot of people use Host Gator, but I find the 24/7 English Speaking American Phone Support to be superior at Blue Host and they use Simple Scripts to install WordPress, which I think is much better especially when it comes to removal of your WordPress site or doing multiple upadates at the same time. I’m not a Fantastico fan as it has limited use for future updates.

      If you found my website to load quickly, it’s probably because I use the WP Super Cache plugin with some tweaks.

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      c) On the Preload tab, I pick: Preload mode (with garbage collection) and preload tags.

      Hope that helps your pages load more quickly. I probably loads my pages 10 times faster with the WP Cache plugin running on these setttings.

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